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Wärtsilä WeLeap

When it comes to transforming to a smart technology company and ensuring that 18,000 employees have the up-to-date digital skills and knowledge they need to help the company innovate is a significant challenge. The specialised and technical nature of Wärtsilä’s work and the pace of development within the business means that any learning solution needs to be specifically tailored to the company’s and employees’ environment.

Our work - a team of developers and me as a designer

Bringing such a vision to life was a complex undertaking to which Wärtsilä had spent a significant amount of time iterating and refining it to become reality. Wärtsilä turned to Futurice to build the MVP of the tool. POC of the tool was live in a tight time frame.

For employees to engage with and benefit from WeLeap, it was essential for the team to deeply understand the user journey. Wärtsilä’s Transformation team and Futurice utilised existing as well as new interview data on people’s attitudes towards learning platforms to further develop, personas and journey maps. This increased everyone’s understanding of how Wärtsiliäns were likely to behave, think and feel while using a microlearning virtual tool.

While design played a central role in shaping Wärtsilä’s content plan, the design of the capabilities supporting the tool was also essential. The tool needed robust, scalable tech to future-proof the development. Go microservices and React Frontend on Amazon Cloud using powerful Kubernetes technology were used to ensure a tool to be easily scaled at speed and allowing continuous refinement.

Another cutting-edge aspect of the project was a decision that WeLeap should be a Progressive Web App. The content creation was planned to be in-house and user-friendly, which is the reason we chose Contentful as a content management system.

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Project Date:

December 29, 2019