Project description

Climbing is fun! It isn’t just another hobby, but rather a lifestyle. A sport, where you plan your holidays around climbing destinations and you train towards your goal which might await you in some far away country or just around the corner at your local boulder.

As an avid climber, I like to train hard and enjoy boulders indoors which prepare me for the outdoors. I also like to see how I progress over time, where my strengths are and where I might still need to work on more. This was one of the reasons driving me to join a bunch of friends, developing a climbing app called CLIMBS.

Our team consisted of four people, one backend, one Android and one iOS developer and myself as a the designer. We considered how to get the best experience for the climbers, be it top-rope or lead-climbing or bouldering. Who can we find the best solution for each to not just mark the progress but also give the possibility of learning via the app and designed workouts. 

Besides the app for climbers, we also offered the other side of the coin, to actually keep it all running. The tool for for climbing gyms and routesetters, to set up their gyms, keep an inventory of their routes and problems in their gym(s), to get an overview of when which route/boulder had been set and might need renewal etc.

Project Details


Project Date:

December 29, 2019