The rise of Voice interfaces

A ‘how-to guide’ from a user experience designer’s point of view The usage of voice UIs is on the rise. The number of users for voice assistants, especially smartphones and smart speakers, is increasing among all age groups. But what exactly does it mean to design for voice and what is behind this new hype? How can we designers help creating a flawless and pleasant user experience? How does a

Digital transformation through micro-learning

Wärtsilä WeLeap When it comes to transforming to a smart technology company and ensuring that 18,000 employees have the up-to-date digital skills and knowledge they need to help the company innovate is a significant challenge. The specialised and technical nature of Wärtsilä’s work and the pace of development within the business means that any learning solution needs to be specifically tailored to the company’s and employees’ environment. Our work –

A Design System for the City of Helsinki

City of Helsinki is an information provider on Helsinki City services, catering for a massive amount of digital services, which range from housing, education, immigration, marketing and many more. Almost each of the services has its own character, with a unique look and feel as well as own implementation, nevertheless leaning on Helsinki City’s brand. Whereas this gives variety between the services, it also brings difficulties for maintaining it. City