sabrina seidl

sabrina seidl // visual design // motion graphics



bouldering // creative freedom // traveling  // good atmosphere at work // being active // mind-blowing videos // energetic people  // sunshine // clean and organised spaces and working files // trying out new things // chocolate // warm summer evenings //  plants // the smell of fresh laundry // cake // quality time with friends // constructive feedback //



chaos // loud and annoying noises // smoky spaces // overloaded layouts // smelly toes // people blocking the exit of the metro // inefficiency // itchy clothes // unpunctuality // indecisive people // grumpy companions // not working equipment // illogical UI’s //



UI design // Mobile Apps // icon design // motion graphics  // video production


sabrina seidl

Hi, I am Sabrina.

I am a health-oriented Digital Designer, living in Helsinki. I am always on the outlook for inspiration and new perspectives that help me transform ideas from abstract to concrete concepts and develop successful digital services.

I love traveling the world to find unforgettable experiences and adventures, and taking videos along the way. I have a passion for climbing and the outdoors and I consider myself an advocate for a healthy and happy lifestyle.

If you are in need of a digital transformation, a responsive and scalable digital service or a new concept for your design challenges, say ‘Hi’ by mail or connect with me on LinkedIn.

// Stay curious and keep exploring!